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 Kevin Tuerff, Norma Jean Young and Antonio Monteiro 


Kevin Tuerff and Norma Jean Young crossed paths while co-producing the first 24-hour global webinar for International Golden Rule Day (April 5). They are passionate about restoring common human decency across the world.  Antonio Monteiro joined the team, bringing his health and wellness coaching experience.

Vetted through challenging life experience, they use their unique and combined expertise to develop solutions for business, non-governmental organizations, faith-based organizations, tribal nations, schools, and governments.  

Brokering Goodness will help you and your organization to inspire positive change, build consensus or mediate disputes. Kevin and Norma Jean have a vast global network of experts to assist with this consulting. 

Read the Declaration of Common Human Decency here.

Brokering Goodness is a consulting practice of Kevin Tuerff Consulting, LLC.  Contact us to request a free 30-minute consultation. 

 About Kevin Tuerff 


Kevin Tuerff­ is a TEDx speaker, author and CEO of Kevin Tuerff Consulting, LLC.  He is a social entrepreneur with 25-years experience in marketing communications. He founded UT student-run radio station KVRX-FM, America Recycles Day, Pay it Forward 9/11, the Greenwashing Index and in 1997, he co-founded EnviroMedia, America’s first environmental marketing agency. He is also a trained instructor in management systems. 

As a bridge builder, he's brokered problem solving between:

• industry and environmentalists,

• university administrators and angry students,

• a diverse group of urban and rural leaders in a 5-county area aiming to develop long-term development planning, and

• an unwelcoming church with its LGBTQ congregants.

For 19 years, Kevin led behavior change campaigns which led to a 40 percent reduction in teen smoking and 25 percent reduction in adult smoking. For 15 years, his firm managed the "Don't Mess with Texas" campaign, which reduced roadside litter statewide by 11 percent. Water conservation campaigns reduced consumption by hundreds of millions of gallons per day during extreme drought. On social issues, he led development of an engagement campaign for a diverse five-county regional planning effort, and a campaign to educate millions about voter rights.

For four years, he was an elected director of a water utility, where he championed water conservation programs. He was as a five-time business delegate to United Nations Climate Change conventions. 

His 9/11 story inspired one of the onstage characters in the Tony-Award winning musical, “Come From Away.” and is featured in the HBO Documentary "You Are Here."  House of Anansi Press published Tuerff’s related memoir, “Channel of Peace: Stranded in Gander on 9/11.”


As an ambassador for the Charter for Compassion, Kevin gives talks to companies, churches and organizations on the ripple effect of compassion. At his Catholic church in New York City, Kevin is engaged in environment, immigration, LGBTQ, music ministries.

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 About Norma Jean Young 



Norma Jean Young is an effective healer and teacher, visionary - servant leader and humanist–a well seasoned convenor and opener of tight places. She is author of The Great Integrity~Reiki Natural Healing, and has dedicated her life to functionally integrating the human family for 40 years.


She takes the greatest teachings of our world and brings them to practical life. Her pioneering inroads in Integral Medicine are many: Harvard HMO, Massachusetts General Hospital, Swedish Cancer Institute, medical schools and more. She’s done research and served as Advisor to University of Washington School of Nursing, bringing complementary treatment methods into curriculum. She has taught Reiki and healed in 13 countries.


Her servant leadership has taken her to heal people with leprosy in Indonesia and Inuit women experiencing domestic abuse in Greenland. She recently spent 40 days volunteering with Sister Lucy Kurien in India, supporting and learning from her – how she cares for 1,000 children and hundreds of women and men.


Her convening expertise includes founding the 2003 Wisdomkeeping Grandmothers Project at Whidbey Institute, Washington State, and recruiting five Wisdomkeeping Grandmothers from five parts of the world, including Tibet, New Zealand, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest. 

She gave the closing keynote address for 1,000 innovative architects at Living Future 2015 conference, and was the singular presenter for the Graduate Retreat for Quest University, Squamish, B.C. 2017. She taught two Reiki Natural Healing Courses to the mentally challenged in India.

Now, to bring alive her passion for family and family values, she gathers the Earth Family through founding the Grandmothers Global Healing Movement.

The current focus is re-uniting asylum-seeking mothers and their children in America.


Norma Jean is a woman full of diligence and courage – willingness and sincerity.  And oh, yes – she loves to sing and dance. Anne Stadtler said, "Norma Jean up-levels where goes."



 About Antonio Monteiro



Antonio Monteiro is a successful health and wellness coach and certified fitness trainer. His personal experience losing 95 pounds, then becoming a strength athlete and 10 years of experience coaching gave him the ability to develop and institute comprehensive and personalized coaching plans for clients. 

He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

He founded Live Totus, Inc as a company dedicated to empower individuals and groups with balanced mind, body and spirit.  

For personal fitness and nutrition coaching (by video) email livetrinity30@yahoo.com