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Many people are suffering in self-isolation because of Covid-19. Show the them you

are sending energy and prayers to them by putting a #LightUpTheWorld candle in your public-facing window. Then share a Pay it Forward candle with them. More here.

#LightUpTheWorld COMPASSION CANDLE: Engage with those suffering in

Covid-19 isolation and showing gratitude for our healthcare heroes.

One for your window, one for someone isolated. 

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compassion candle.JPG

Help us spread the idea. Take a photo of your

candle in the window and share it using #LightUpTheWorld and tag BrokeringGoodness.

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Click here to donate to the New York City Covid19 Emergency Relief Fund.

Murmuration: A flock of starlings (above) - move and change in gorgeous, flowing forms–without bumping into each other, without one obvious leader–all tuning to the larger Life Force.


We choose this action - murmuration - as an optimal model - for how to get through this tight time ~ in harmony - together.


The world is struggling with man-made problems, which may only be solved through compassion and collaboration.