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 We help you gather 
 the masses to motivate 
 and inspire positive change 
in your community, organization
or country. 
We're here to be your bridge.   

Many people are suffering in self-isolation because of Covid-19. Show the them you

are sending energy and prayers to them by putting a #LightUpTheWorld candle in your public-facing window. Then share a Pay it Forward candle with them. More here.

#LightUpTheWorld COMPASSION CANDLE: Engage with those suffering in Covid-19 isolation. One for your window, one for someone isolated. 

Download the free DIY instructions, candle label and note here

If you'd like to purchase a #LightUpTheWorld and #YouAreNotAlone Compassion candle to someone on your behalf, click here. Any profit will be donated to charities helping those impacted by Covid-19.

We've organized an international Self-Compassion Zoom video community to provide participants a free way to connect, share and learn tips on meditation, in-home fitness and nutrition. Email here to learn how to join us, or options for organizing one for your workplace.

Murmuration: A flock of starlings (above) - move and change in gorgeous, flowing forms–without bumping into each other, without one obvious leader–all tuning to the larger Life Force.


We choose this action - murmuration - as an optimal model - for how to get through this tight time ~ in harmony - together.


The world is struggling with man-made problems, which may only be solved through compassion and collaboration. We're responding to a spiritual call to use our expertise to coach and catalyze goodness for:

Family, Workplace and Community Engagement

• Environment

• Health

• Housing

• Human Rights

• Migrants and Refugees

• Alternative Transportation

Please contact us for a consultation.

Arenas of goodness through:

> Celebrating


> Changing

> Convening

> Communicating


> Gathering & Inspiring 

> Healing & Training

Norma Jean Young

 Kevin Tuerff

 As founder of the Grandmother's Global Healing Movement, I offer my skills as Healer, Teacher, Visionary, Servant Leader and Humanist.

As a social entrepreneur, I've fostered human behavior change which resulted in measurable improvements in public health, environment and quality of life.